000: Starting a Success Mindset and Marketing Podcast with Marc Smith

000: Starting a Success Mindset and Marketing Podcast with Marc Smith

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The Standing O Show is focused each week on building a success mindset and the marketing strategies needed to take your brand center stage where you can steal the show and get the Standing O you deserve. The host is Marc Smith.  In this intro episode, Marc talks about why focusing on the inner game AND the outer game is important for every business in order to thrive.

The Standing O Show will feature episodes about the success mindset, the growth mindset, and the millionaire mindset. In addition, interview guests will discuss the leading marketing tips and strategies to help a business grow and thrive.

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Episode Notes

Hello. Thanks so much for listening today!  I’m your host, Marc Smith.  I’m flying solo today, instead of interviewing a guest, because I want to let you know what this podcast is all about.

So, the Standing O Show is an upbeat, positive conversation focused on your mindset and the marketing skills needed to get to a higher level in your life and in your business.

If you’re someone who has great ideas, and needs to put them into action, or let’s say that you’ve just started a new business, and you need to attract more customers, or maybe as an artist, an author or an entrepreneur you already have a strong business, and you want it to become a thriving business, then my goal with the Standing O Show is to deliver content and inspiration to help you take your brand center stage.

You’ll hear from guests who have had Standing O experiences, and who will help you, teach you, or inspire you to get more Standing O’s in your life and business.
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Why Mindset & Marketing?

Well, By focusing on both mindset AND marketing, we’re able to start from the inside and work our way out toward the “how-to” in order to have a flourishing life and business.

I believe to my core that thoughts become things…that your present thoughts determine your future, and that until you master your inner game, you’ll never master your outer game.

3 Kinds of Mindset

So, I want to explore the inner game by looking at three kinds of mindset: the growth mindset, the success or champion mindset, and the millionaire mindset.

Let me briefly talk about them.

The growth mindset looks at learning and overcoming challenges as great things! Life is about growing and your focus is always about using every life event and getting better and better! Successful people have a growth mindset.

Now, the success mindset looks at your life and says you have the power to create the results and life you want. By focusing on what you want, training your mind to imagine and feel it, you are in a position to intentionally create it for yourself. That’s the success mindset.

And, finally, the millionaire mindset: Let’s face it, prosperous people think differently. With a millionaire mindset, you think big. You let money work for you, not the other way around. And, you always focus on opportunities.

The Inner Game of Mindset

I’ll tell you a little of my story. For many years of my adult life, I’ve done pretty well, but I also failed miserably. I was inconsistent, or I would achieve a level of success and then do something that would sabotage it due to faulty beliefs or wrong attitudes.

Then in 2003, I started to learn the principles and strategies to change my mindset and that changed my life – dramatically! It’s the saying, “Change your thoughts and change your life” or “Change your thoughts and change your world”. I learned that my MINDSET MATTERS, and the results in my life came from my mindset and that whatever I accomplish depends as much on my thoughts and beliefs as it does my ability.

Every area of my life is substantially and consistently better – my confidence, my emotional life, my career, my income, my relationships…because, I learned that the 1st step to Standing O moments in life and in business is the right mindset, the growth mindset, the success mindset, and the millionaire mindset. I want the Standing O Show to contribute to your best you, and your best business!

The Outer Game of Marketing

But, I also know that it’s not enough only to get our thinking right. There needs to also be action as a result of those thoughts. That’s why the Standing O Show will also be sharing the best tips and strategies to put your brand in the spotlight from marketing experts and guests who have experienced success with marketing their own business or brand.

We’ll discuss topics like how to use LinkedIn, or live streaming, or video marketing, SEO, podcasting, webinars, your blog, or any marketing platform to share valuable content, attract your audience, and build a community that elevates your brand.

I’ll have guests who will show you how to use the power of meaningful relationships to gain trust and loyalty for your business in order to increase your revenue and achieve the highest levels of success!

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The Standing O Show Was Created for You

So, that’s what the Standing O Show is about, and I really hope that you find what you’re hearing interesting and of value. If you sometimes struggle with that chatter in your head, you know – your self-talk, then this podcast is for you. And, if you need to raise your marketing game in order to elevate your brand, then this podcast is for you!

I want the Standing O Show to provide information that matters to you.

If you ever have any feedback for me, please get in touch. You can leave comments at the show’s website, StandingOShow.com, or you can connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.

Format and Schedule of The Standing O Show

The Standing O Show is launching with 3 episodes, and then I’ll publish 2 episodes a week. One will be an interview published every Wednesday morning, and the other will be a shorter solo episode every Monday morning called Mindset Monday.

You’ll also notice that in every interview episode I ask my guests for a book recommendation that influenced their mindset or business. Jim Rohn said that, “Successful people have libraries”. I agree. Reading good books is one of the best things we can do to impact our lives. So, you’ll always be able to see all the Standing O Book recommendations at StandingOShow.com.

The 2nd thing that you’ll notice in every interview episode is the Standing O Spotlight. This is where I’ll ask all guests to shine a spotlight on the charity or nonprofit organization of their choice. It’s so important to me to always have an attitude of gratitude and to play a part in helping these organizations do good work in the world. You can always find a list of these spotlighted nonprofits on the website, and a portion of all Standing O Show revenue will be donated to each of the recommended organizations.

Well, that’s an intro to the Standing O Show!

If you like what you hear today, please hit that subscribe button and give an honest rating and review. That helps the show get publicity, which helps me attract interesting, influential, and entertaining guests who you’ll enjoy!

Thanks so much for listening! Now, go out today and get your Standing O!

Click to see all the books recommended by past Standing O Show guests.

Click to see all the nonprofits or charities spotlighted by past Standing O Show guests. A portion of all OvationSocial.com revenue will be donated to these organizations in 2016.

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