Meet Marc

I’m Marc Smith, and welcome to this page. 

Marc and The Standing O Show podcast are all about the mindset and marketing of your brand. It’s about the inner game and the outer game of growing a prosperous, thriving business. Like anything that is goal-oriented, the mental game of business should be improved in order to keep doubt from hijacking your best efforts and overall success.

I’m a true believer that thoughts become things. My goal is to help you with your daily mindset. I want you to take your brand to the next level, and get the successful lifestyle you want.

I also want to provide the training, tips and strategies to take your marketing to the top. That means I want you to confidently plan, strategize, and deliver marketing content that connects your audience to your brand and increases your revenue.

If you sometimes get frustrated with the chatter in your head – you know, your self talk, then Ovation Social is for you. And, if you want to take your marketing to the next level and attract the customers you love, then Ovation Social is for you.

Meet Marc Smith

I’ve spent my career as an educator and executive leader helping build high performing individuals and teams achieve their goals. I currently live in the beautiful city of Minneapolis. On the academic side of things, I have a degree in Communication from Arizona State University and a graduate degree from Washington State University.

I’m also the host of the Talking Theater podcast. Check it out and subscribe if you’d enjoy hearing theater professionals talking about their career, their craft, and their community.

Always feel free to let me know what you’re feeling about Ovation Social and the Standing O Show podcast. Tell me what you like, where I’m missing the mark, and what you’d like to learn or talk about. You can reach me at [email protected].

Let’s work together to take your brand center stage where you can, grow, steal the show, and get the Standing O you deserve!

Contact me if you would like to request an interview for your podcast. You can also email me about speaking at your event. Please send me an email at [email protected]