The Standing O Show Must End and Time to Move to What’s Next!

When I started The Standing O Show podcast last year I never thought I’d learn so much and have so much fun! But, now The Standing O Show must end to make room for something new. I’m excited about the new podcast that will launch on April 3, 2017. It’s called Talking Theater! It’s my conversations with theater professionals about their career, craft, and community for those who love theater.…


Top 5 Most Popular Episodes – The Standing O Show Podcast

Listen to the top 5 most popular episodes of The Standing O Show. The list will be updated on the 1st day of each month. Last updated 4/1/16.

The Standing O Show launched on January 26, 2016 as an upbeat, positive conversation focused on your success mindset and the best marketing skills you need to get to a higher level in your life and business.…


Top 3 Social Media Marketing Podcasts for 2016

Here are my Top 3 social media marketing podcasts for 2016. Zig Ziglar, one of the greatest motivational speakers of the last 50 years, used a phrase called Automobile University. He was talking about how we can increase our knowledge while driving from place to place. The concept could also be called Walking UniversityWorking Out University, In Flight University, or On My Couch University.…


How to Work With a Graphic Designer

How to work with a graphic designer is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make when starting or refreshing your online presence. There are many options for design. Many of the factors include cost, speed, DIY vs. outsourcing, and the expertise and quality of a designer.

For Ovation Social I took those factors into account and made several decisions about my grahic design images.…


Standing O Show Podcast Launch

Standing O Show podcast logoI’m very happy to announce the launch of The Standing O Show podcast on Ovation Social! For someone who loves all things mindset, marketing, and chatting with great guests, it’s a very exciting day.

In celebration of the launch, I want to give away a copy of Lewis Howes’s incredible book, The School of Greatness to people who subscribe, rate, and review the podcast between now and Monday, 2/1/2016.…


You Have the Power to Produce What You Want

Do you know what you want? Do you know that you have the power to produce it?

There isn’t a magic formula, and you don’t have to wear a superhero cape (although that could be fun on certain occasions).

The Power to produce what you want comes down to belief.

People who consistently get what they want in life and business have a strong belief in themselves.


Face Your Fears and Move Toward What You Want

Face Your Fears

Early in my career in higher education, I accepted a position as an admissions advisor. I’m passionate about education and its ability to provide opportunity and change someone’s life dramatically.

When I was offered the position, I accepted enthusiastically. It seemed to blend my past work experience in teaching and in sales. Training was a blast. I soaked up everything about how to talk prospective students, academic program information, financial aid resources, etc.…