Top 5 Most Popular Episodes – The Standing O Show Podcast

Listen to the top 5 most popular episodes of The Standing O Show. The list will be updated on the 1st day of each month. Last updated 4/1/16.

The Standing O Show launched on January 26, 2016 as an upbeat, positive conversation focused on your success mindset and the best marketing skills you need to get to a higher level in your life and business.…


18: Best Ways to Make Money with Facebook Ads with Dave Rogenmoser

Dave Rogenmoser is the sought after author of Beyond the Grind and co-founder of multiple online businesses, including the 6k Success Consulting Program. During the interview, Dave shares how he took on his first entrepreneurial experience when he was 6 years old. He shares the best ways to make money with Facebook ads, and gives personal examples to show how he’s tripled his income in the past 3 months.…


17: Secrets to Boost Website Traffic and Leads with Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson, also known as One-Click Lindsey, shares the secrets to boost website traffic and leads on the Standing O Show today.

Lindsey Anderson is the founder of, an full-service web-strategy business helping clients with all the facets of online marketing, including search-engine optimization, efficient use of pay-per-click, social-media marketing and website design and development.

During the interview, Lindsey shares how she became known as One-Click Lindsey. …


15: Test, Test, Convert and Double Your Sales with Justin Christianson

Justin Christianson shares how to test and double your sales by improving your conversions through A/B testing on the Standing O Show today.

Justin is the co-founder and President of Conversion Fanatics, a full-service conversion rate optimization company. A 13-year digital marketing veteran, Justin is also the #1 best-selling author of Conversion Fanatic: How to Double Your Customers, Sales and Profits with A/B Testing.…


11: Using Newsletters to Increase Profits with Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer is a marketing and business-building expert and coach. He’s the founder of the Dream Business Academy and the Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind Program. Jim is also the host of Newsletter Guru TV, a weekly Web TV show watched by thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners. He’s also the host of the smart marketing strategies podcast called Stick Like Glue Radio (Love that title!). …


9: What Stories Would You Tell Your Younger Self with Julian Hosp

Dr. Julian Hosp grew up in Austria and moved to the United States when he was 16 where he went to high school and played basketball. He eventually moved back to Austria to play pro ball and also study medicine. He also learned to kite surf in Italy and was a professional kite surfer for 10 years as he completed his studies and became a medical doctor.…


Top 3 Social Media Marketing Podcasts for 2016

Here are my Top 3 social media marketing podcasts for 2016. Zig Ziglar, one of the greatest motivational speakers of the last 50 years, used a phrase called Automobile University. He was talking about how we can increase our knowledge while driving from place to place. The concept could also be called Walking UniversityWorking Out University, In Flight University, or On My Couch University.…


5: Champion Hearted Coaching with Greg Faxon

Greg Faxon is a high-stakes performance coach who catalyzes radical and lasting results for champion-hearted individuals. He partners with entrepreneurs all across the globe who are driven to be the best at their game and helps them build impactful businesses without leaving their health or relationships behind. In addition, Greg has been an All American wrestler and a nationally ranked Spartan racer.…


How to Work With a Graphic Designer

How to work with a graphic designer is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make when starting or refreshing your online presence. There are many options for design. Many of the factors include cost, speed, DIY vs. outsourcing, and the expertise and quality of a designer.

For Ovation Social I took those factors into account and made several decisions about my grahic design images.…


3: How to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile with Andrea Stenberg

Social media marketing consultant and coach Andrea Stenberg helps baby boomer entrepreneurs to standout in a crowded market, position themselves as an expert and to get clients calling them using a powerful LinkedIn profile and other online marketing tools.

Andrea has one of the top 5% most-viewed LinkedIn profiles, and almost 93,000 views of her Google Plus profile.

For ten years Andrea has brought her working knowledge of social media to help her clients navigate the social media waters with better results in less time.…

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