7: Positive Mindset for the Conscious Entrepreneur with Alicia Cramer

Alicia Cramer is a renowned mindset expert, a speaker, coach, consultant, and entrepreneur.  Having worked with hundreds of private clients over the past several years – from startups to owners of multi-million dollar companies – Alicia has an intimate understanding of the mindset pitfalls that affect entrepreneurs. Alicia’s clients have referred to her as their “secret weapon” for overcoming obstacles and achieving their personal and professional goals.…


6: Thinking Big – Mindset Monday with Marc Smith

Thinking Big is the topic of today’s Mindset Monday. One of the keys to a success mindset is that you think big! And, you also understand that you are what you think. You can win success by believing you can succeed. Once you decide to achieve what you’re thinking about, then go after it with everything you’ve got. Look at things as they can be, not as they are.…


5: Champion Hearted Coaching with Greg Faxon

Greg Faxon is a high-stakes performance coach who catalyzes radical and lasting results for champion-hearted individuals. He partners with entrepreneurs all across the globe who are driven to be the best at their game and helps them build impactful businesses without leaving their health or relationships behind. In addition, Greg has been an All American wrestler and a nationally ranked Spartan racer.…


4: Enthusiasm – Mindset Monday with Marc Smith

Today’s Mindset Monday is about Enthusiasm. It’s a great topic for me in particular, since mine is sky high surrounding the launch of the Standing O Show last week. I’ll talk about the importance of enthusiasm and it’s definition. Enthusiasm and resilience go hand in hand as evidenced by Churchill, Edison, and Disney.  The three final points about enthusiasm: It focuses on things of value, people love to be around enthusiastic people, and enthusiasm is fun since it’s the bridge to passion.…


000: Starting a Success Mindset and Marketing Podcast with Marc Smith

The Standing O Show is focused each week on building a success mindset and the marketing strategies needed to take your brand center stage where you can steal the show and get the Standing O you deserve. The host is Marc Smith.  In this intro episode, Marc talks about why focusing on the inner game AND the outer game is important for every business in order to thrive.…


You Have the Power to Produce What You Want

Do you know what you want? Do you know that you have the power to produce it?

There isn’t a magic formula, and you don’t have to wear a superhero cape (although that could be fun on certain occasions).

The Power to produce what you want comes down to belief.

People who consistently get what they want in life and business have a strong belief in themselves.


Face Your Fears and Move Toward What You Want

Face Your Fears

Early in my career in higher education, I accepted a position as an admissions advisor. I’m passionate about education and its ability to provide opportunity and change someone’s life dramatically.

When I was offered the position, I accepted enthusiastically. It seemed to blend my past work experience in teaching and in sales. Training was a blast. I soaked up everything about how to talk prospective students, academic program information, financial aid resources, etc.…

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