The Standing O Show Guests’ Book Recommendations

“Miss a meal if you have to, but don’t miss a book.” — Jim Rohn

Book Recommendations from Standing O Show Guests

I hope you find value in these book recommendations by The Standing O Show guests. In addition to the books that guests say impacted their life or business, I’m also including their own books if we discussed them during the show. Enjoy!

Episode 1 – Brian Ronalds

Episode 2 – Brian Lofrumento

Episode 3 – Andrea Stenberg

Episode 5 – Greg Faxon

Episode 7 – Alicia Cramer

Episode 9 – Julian Hosp

Episode 11  – Jim Palmer

Episode 13  – Chloe Taylor Brown

Episode 15  – Justin Christianson

Episode 17  – Lindsey Anderson

Episode 18 – Dave Rogenmoser

Episode 19 – Dr. Sharon Livingston

Episode 20  – Rick Martinez